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Video Biographies: capture your story!

Stories. Your life is full of them, and each one is unique to your journey. How was your success shaped by your upbringing? Which of your personal experiences molded your worldview? Who impacted your life? What hardships did you persevere through and how did those reveal your character? What piece of advice would you share with the generations to come? While your life may seem ordinary, or perhaps even boring to you, sharing your story, the ups and downs, trials and triumphs, may just be what someone else needs to find their motivation and encouragement.

So, what is your story?

“This is Your Life Stories,” a division of MotionMasters, creates video biographies that are unique gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, celebrations, and other special events.

Our professional producers, who sport years of television programming experience, will craft your story through a video biography format. And you’ll be assigned a personal project manager who will coordinate each step of the production process to bring your life story to the screen!

To share your story, visit, give us a call at 304.345.8800 or email us at

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